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Zed Blog

Observations from a 4 year old

We'll try and keep this to quotes by Zed so we don't muttle it up with our views.

Archives for: November 2006


10:07:52 pm Permalink Sunday Night   English (US)

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"Daddy, let me tell you something about tenicles. They are like balls you swallow and then end up in your wenus. Into the pie hole, past the stomach, and into the penis"

This weekend we took the trail-a-bike out and did 5 miles at Empire Mine Park. It was so fun. We did some big hills and I really felt him pumping back there.

We had the celebration for the end of the soccer season. Coach Laura had all the kids say something they loved from the season and it was so touching. Zed he was so happy to have two trophies now since mama gave him one of hers. Laura added that she celebrated that Zed was always so entertaining in the games and practices.

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07:20:00 pm Permalink Zed isms...   English (US)

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"Daddy you don't have any hair because you used all yours up"

We made a video today of all our diabolo tricks and we are going to put it on YouTube.

Dear Gabe, I miss you a lot. I wish I was at your house playing with you. I miss you a lot.

- Zed

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10:21:18 pm Permalink Great Quotes   English (US)

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Just put the little man down to bed... He's calling his favorite line, "Daddy, I'll see you in 2 minutes" to me as I write. I love the sounds of 4 years old.

"Daddy was this my room before I was born?"
"Daddy if we move from Grass Valley to Mexico I won't be able to understand you."

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