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Zed Blog

Observations from a 4 year old

We'll try and keep this to quotes by Zed so we don't muttle it up with our views.

Archives for: October 2006


01:35:08 pm Permalink Still Coughing   English (US)

Categories: News, 134 words

Zed has had a bad cough for almost a month. Many kids around here have and it was diagnosed as reactive airways. It's really hard to hear all the kids sounding like this and getting all red from coughing.

We have done several diet changes and he is a bit better, but the nights are still hard.

His dear mom Annie works tirelessly on digging up scoop, talking to other parents, doctors -- everything and anything to just keep from popping some pills into him that may or may not help. Annie has learned way too much about medicine to just toss stuff into Zed. He's lucky.

We are going to a naturopathic doctor tomorrow. If he had only me as a parent he'd be so dumped full of drugs and probably still coughing.


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12:22:08 am Permalink Trampoline   English (US)

Categories: News, 24 words

"I like to fly really high when my daddy bounces next to me."

"I want more yogurt, chocolate chips, and syrup for my pancakes."

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