Trampoline Days and Writing Nights


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Trampoline Days and Writing Nights

What a blast with my little man and a bunch of his friends today. We had a big pancake breakfast at our house and then all the kids (yeah, that includes me) went to the trampoline for some fun. It's hard to get off that thing once you see just how high you can send a 40 pound kid just by bouncing near him. No one got hurt and we climbed off safely.

Annie and I are working hard on a scene for our Monday night acting class. It's a lot of fun to do a class together again after so long. We used to always take a class together, but since Zed we've been off it and how sweet it is to have it back in our lives.

Had a pretty lax week following the triathlon. Did 2 swim workouts, a run and a short bike day with Zed. Got him a flag for his Trail-A-Bike so I think we'll be on that a lot more -- he's into flags.

I'm going on the road this week for a show. San Diego and leaving Tuesday as the show is Wednesday. I'll come home Thursday morning and then going away a few days later.

We got a VCR/DVD Recorder unit and I am converting all our old VHS tapes to DVD. Man, how nice that will be to get those things out of our lives. I hope the old ones have one more good play in them! This machine is so easy to use! Click here to get it from Amazon

OK... tomorrow is the Full Moon and will do the 5:30 AM Full Moon Mile swim with the Masters. Must sleep.



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