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Annie and I had our acting class tonight and it was so fun! We did our scene and it killed... Lots of laughs.

Hearty and Lissen are in town and Zed loves them both so much. The are doing shows at local schools and it's great. We have been to a bunch of shows and we will be filling in for them at 10 schools in S. California in February 2007 while they are having their baby. Certainly more on all that news as the time approaches. It's going to be so good to do shows as a family -- create our own stunts, jokes, rhythm. I am so looking forward to the challenge. Hearty and Lissen's website is http://www.earthcapades.com

We have 3 medical appointments for Zed tomorrow. One is with a woo-woo doctor who uses a flashing LED as his main diagnostic tool, one is with a Naturopathic MD, and the third is with his hard core Western Medicine doctor. We are going to have 3 opinions cause this cough ain't normal. Something is up and we don't know if it's an allergy, mold, asthma, a virus. We've had some diagnosis (2 weeks ago at an MD office) but nothing is changing.

Big day tomorrow with getting out of town and a bunch of stuff to do before heading out - including the ever important packing. Man, I can put that off till the last minute like nobody else. Procrastination lessons available upon request.



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