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Annie and I had our acting class tonight and it was so fun! We did our scene and it killed... Lots of laughs.

Hearty and Lissen are in town and Zed loves them both so much. The are doing shows at local schools and it's great. We have been to a bunch of shows and we will be filling in for them at 10 schools in S. California in February 2007 while they are having their baby. Certainly more on all that news as the time approaches. It's going to be so good to do shows as a family -- create our own stunts, jokes, rhythm. I am so looking forward to the challenge. Hearty and Lissen's website is http://www.earthcapades.com

We have 3 medical appointments for Zed tomorrow. One is with a woo-woo doctor who uses a flashing LED as his main diagnostic tool, one is with a Naturopathic MD, and the third is with his hard core Western Medicine doctor. We are going to have 3 opinions cause this cough ain't normal. Something is up and we don't know if it's an allergy, mold, asthma, a virus. We've had some diagnosis (2 weeks ago at an MD office) but nothing is changing.

Big day tomorrow with getting out of town and a bunch of stuff to do before heading out - including the ever important packing. Man, I can put that off till the last minute like nobody else. Procrastination lessons available upon request.



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Trampoline Days and Writing Nights

What a blast with my little man and a bunch of his friends today. We had a big pancake breakfast at our house and then all the kids (yeah, that includes me) went to the trampoline for some fun. It's hard to get off that thing once you see just how high you can send a 40 pound kid just by bouncing near him. No one got hurt and we climbed off safely.

Annie and I are working hard on a scene for our Monday night acting class. It's a lot of fun to do a class together again after so long. We used to always take a class together, but since Zed we've been off it and how sweet it is to have it back in our lives.

Had a pretty lax week following the triathlon. Did 2 swim workouts, a run and a short bike day with Zed. Got him a flag for his Trail-A-Bike so I think we'll be on that a lot more -- he's into flags.

I'm going on the road this week for a show. San Diego and leaving Tuesday as the show is Wednesday. I'll come home Thursday morning and then going away a few days later.

We got a VCR/DVD Recorder unit and I am converting all our old VHS tapes to DVD. Man, how nice that will be to get those things out of our lives. I hope the old ones have one more good play in them! This machine is so easy to use! Click here to get it from Amazon

OK... tomorrow is the Full Moon and will do the 5:30 AM Full Moon Mile swim with the Masters. Must sleep.



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Xterra Triathlon 2006 is History!

What a magical day up at Incline Village, NV. This was my 2nd time racing in the Xterra Triathlon and I can't wait for 2007! This race is all about the mountain bike ride (22 miles - about 18 of it uphill starting at 6,500 feet!).

This year my training partner and good buddy Brad Reynolds did the race as well. Last year an illness kept him from competing but not from bringing his son and Zed out to watch. This year we drove up together, sans kids, and gave it our all.

I kicked butt over my last year's time. Took off a whopping 27 minutes and and felt so much stronger throughout. I came in at 4:16:25 vs. last year's time of 4:43.34.

Everything about this race is 'the badest, the roughest, the this, the that'. It's an exercise in marketing superlatives. We were standing on the shore about a minute before the start and the announcer, Kahuna Bob, comes over the PA system. "268 of the roughest and toughest athletes are one minute away from XTERRA 2006!"

My thought was one of panic. 268 racers? I'm some dude out here for a fun race -- shouldn't there be at least 2,000 other guys like me? 268? WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING HERE? Too late, 10, 9, 8, 7 ...

Lake Tahoe was a lot calmer this year which made for a great opening to the race. I came out of the water (1/2 mile swim), shed the wetsuit while running the 1/4 mile to the transition area (T1), changed into my bike wear and was into the bike race at 25:07.

This bike ride is for real. It's the part of the race where all the superlatives are justified. It leaves Incline Village on a paved road and after a mile or so you meet your destiny: Tunnel Road. It's a 3-mile incline that takes you up to just over 8,000 feet elevation. The air is thin and the hill is steep and sandy. Then you ride the infamous Flume Trail, The Rim Trail, and then head back down Tunnel Road back into Incline Village. By the time I finished the bike ride, transitioned into running gear (T2), and made it onto the running course, the clock was reading 3:44:06 and I was beat.

That bike ride kicks your butt into several directions at one time. Legs pulsing, arms asleep from that final bumpy descent of Tunnel Road, and lungs begging for oxygen. I wanted to lay down with my bike and recover, but there was no time. That would come 1/2 hour later!

The run is a very scenic 5K (3.1 miles) over some logs, creeks, and rocks. I willed myself to not stop running no matter how badly I thought I needed to. I made it! Did a 10:07/mile pace and that's about as good as it gets for this 44-year old non-runner. I can bike and swim until the sun goes down but running has to be a part of your life from the beginning, and it hasn't been.

I came in with a big smile -- especially when I saw the clock and realized I was really ahead of my 2005 time. There is one picture that was taken the second I saw the clock, I can tell by my face.

Swim - T1 = 29:08
Bike - T2 = 3:31:52
Run = 37:34

Swim - T1 = 25:07
Bike - T2 = 3:19:56
Run = 31:22

Next year I swear my finish time will start with a '3' - I'm working hard and I'll make it.

Here are a few pictures from the race:


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